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Live from NRF2024: Koren Stucki, VP of Product Marketing, Voice of the Customer at Verint

In the rapidly evolving retail industry, the distinction between online and in-store shopping experiences is becoming increasingly blurred. Verint, a global leader in AI and data analytics, is pioneering the charge towards a seamless retail ecosystem, where digital and physical realms enrich one another, enhancing the customer journey at every touchpoint.

This exclusive RETHINK interview features an in-depth conversation with Koren Stucki, Vice President of Product Marketing, Voice of the Customer, at Verint, shedding light on how the company’s innovative solutions are reshaping retail for over 10,000 organizations in 175 countries, including 85 of the Fortune 100 companies.

In this enlightening session, listeners will dive deep into the essence of Retail Choreography and Voice of the Customer—two of Verint’s flagship solutions that empower retailers to offer a cohesive omnichannel experience. With 74% of in-store sales beginning online, the need for retailers to bridge these experiences has never been more critical. Verint’s approach to leveraging customer feedback data across all channels and harnessing the power of AI to drive CX automation is transforming how retailers connect with their customers, both in the digital space and on the shop floor.