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NRF 2022 Solution Spotlight: Edgify

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Edgify. Edgify’s platform allows retailers to implement a range of solutions to minimize loss, reduce time spent at the checkout and improve the overall customer experience.

Edgify developed the world’s first AI platform that runs entirely on self-checkouts, scales and point of sale.

To learn more about Edgify, visit: https://www.edgify.ai/ 

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Ofri Ben-Porat:

Hi, my name is Ofri Ben-Porat, CEO at Edgify. We’re here at NRF 2022 in New York to help retailers reduce time of checkout or at the self-service scales, and reduce loss of checkout by customers selecting the wrong products, either accidentally or intentionally. We’re a complete software-based solution, and we can integrate into any hardware or existing checkout software that retailers already have in deployment. What we do is we run the computer vision side of the software by introducing a simple USB camera that you can plug into any hardware you have. We can identify any product that’s placed in front of the self-checkout or the self-service scale and reduce all the friction the customers have by having to look through menus to identify the product. The computer vision just identifies a solution and prints out the ticket or allows the customer to buy the product instantly. We partner today with many partners across the world. We actually have one of our biggest partners here with us today Strongpoint.

Gisle Elvebakken:
Yeah, hi. I’m from Strongpoint. My name is Gisle Elvebakken. I’m Managing Director of Strongpoint, Norway. Strongpoint is Norwegian based, but working all over Scandinavia, the Baltics, Spain and have partners in Germany, Poland, et cetera. We produce our own hardware, our own software, and what we find is the Edgify is adding value to our hardware and software. Our clients, which are the largest retailers in Europe, they actually, they find that our products are much more work. It’s better. It’s faster. It’s more solid with Edgify than without. We cannot live without Edgify. I mean, this is perfect combination for us.

Ofri Ben-Porat:
The unique part about the Edgify software is that we don’t require any clouds or service to operate. We integrate our solution directly on the hardware, and the machines teach themselves how to recognize the product. So the data doesn’t have to be uploaded to the cloud to be labeled. There’s no movement of data at all. Each machine teaches itself how to recognize the items based on the way the customers are buying the products in the store, and then the machines share that knowledge amongst themselves. So the scales teach the self-checkouts. The self-checkouts teach the scales, and all the hardware in the store has the perfect model to identify what produce or product is being placed in front of them.