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NRF 2022 Solution Spotlight: Emarsys

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Emarsys. Emarsys empowers digital marketing leaders and business owners with the only omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes.

By rapidly aligning desired business results with proven omnichannel customer engagement strategies — crowdsourced from leading brands across an industry — the platform enables marketers to accelerate time to value, deliver superior 1:1 experiences and produce measurable results.

To learn more about Emarsys, visit: http://www.emarsys.com

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Kelsey Jones:
Hi, my name is Kelsey Jones. I am the Global Director of Product Marketing here at Emarsys. Emarsys really is the omnichannel customer engagement platform that’s trusted across leading brands around the globe. What’s really exciting and what I love about Emarsys is it is truly purpose-built for marketers. They can build, launch, scale, truly personalize cross-channel campaign that are driving business outcomes. And really from bringing data and sources together, externally pulling in data sources, they’re able to deliver really real-time AI-powered personalization and orchestrating it across channels and campaigns. So Emarsys is really enabling those marketers to accelerate their time to value, get things in market quicker, deliver true one-to-one personalization, and produce measurable results that they can bring back to the business.

We recently ran a report with both consumers and our customers around unPredictions. And a lot of those, it’s a little bit of a cheeky way of talking about we’re not just putting out there these lofty trends or kind of this finger to the wind of what we think is going to happen. What we took from that report and that data from our customers was what are the things you need to be prioritizing now based on a lot of those challenges that you’re seeing today? Marketers have to drive a bigger agenda than ever before when it comes to customer experience. So they have to be more than just a cost center. They have to be a true revenue center.

The other thing we’re seeing is just around email and how are you kind of, what is kind of old is new again, but also we know that email is still that unsung hero in the background. But we know more than 50% of customers prefer to have email in their inbox. So how can marketers, the challenge they’re seeing is how do we take that biggest revenue driving channel and ensure that we’re personalizing every step of the way to make sure it’s critical to other customers?

And then kind of the third top challenge we’re seeing is just around AI. And I think this one’s really interesting because it’s not just around the use of AI. It’s how can people today understand how to leverage it as gaining another team member? I was talking to several customers a couple months ago, and we just said all things off the table, what is your biggest challenge today? And the answer that came to the forefront across the board was people. How do we keep our talent? What does that look like? How do we ensure that people are happy and we’re retaining the talent, but also finding the best people to fill in some of these roles for marketers? So AI really became to the forefront to say how can you leverage some of the artificial intelligence to drive personalization so people can really focus on what they love to do best as marketers, being creative, creating campaigns, but having that AI drive them to some of the biggest pieces they need to focus on in their marketing strategy?

So those are kind of the biggest three things we’re seeing today and how we can help them prioritize through that UnPredictions report.