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NRF 2022 Solution Spotlight: Hanshow

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Hanshow, a global leader in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and digital store solutions (LCD).

Hanshow offer’s global customers a series of world-class, customized IoT touch points and digital store solutions which include Electronic Shelf Label pricing systems, Digital Signage, digital payment systems, and AI-powered digital shelves.

To learn more about Hanshow visit: http://www.hanshow.com

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April Cao:

Hello, I’m April Cao. I’m the general manager of Hanshow USA. So Hanshow is a digital store solution provider. So, our company set up in 2012. Now, we are a young company, however, we already have more than 600 employees globally.

First of all, I think, nowadays based on the COVID so many things changed. Before the shoppers, they prefer to go to the store to select something they really like. But nowadays it seems like the combination of online/offline is a mask. And secondly, labor shortage is a big challenge for the retailers.

And the third, if the retailer really wants very attractive to the shoppers, they have to think about precisely marketing. So based on all that, I think the challenge is about practical scenarios in the stores.

What are the benefits Hanshow could provide to retailers? I have to say, we could be helpful for three angles. First of all, if we are the owner of the stores, we really want to manage sales of the store with one back end system. Hanshow could be helpful for this kind of a solution. I can take one example from one of my Europe clients, they have more than 1000 stores, more than 10 million yearly sales. You know, they want to manage all the product at the same time. They want to change all the price, release all the innovation tasks at the same time.

So we work together with Microsoft. We provide our clients with a star system. Which could be able to help them to running thousands of stores at the same time, with more than 10 million SKUs. That is the management angle of the store. So the second one is angle for the shoppers, right? So, for traditional retails, shoppers can do everything they want, but based on COVID their habits changed. So for shoppers, we really need to give processing marketing for them. We have digital signage. We have a theory of innovation, which could help retailers to achieve that task. Third angle is employees who is working the stores, right? First of all, we want to improve their efficiency for the store. So Hanshow could work together with retailers and the partners to design so many customized solution for the retailers. Such as your ordering management, pick up system, planogram and other innovations, which could be produced by both Hanshow and our customers. Based on all these three angles, Hanshow could give our clients a 10 K solution for digitalization journey.