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NRF 2022 Solution Spotlight: One Door

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

One Door is the leading provider of cloud-based visual merchandising software, helping leading retailers tell great stories through collaboration, localization, and simplification.

One Door is transforming how retailers plan, execute, and analyze in-store merchandising, enabling continuous resets, hyper-localization and personalization, resulting in a simpler experience for store teams.

To learn more about One Door, visit: http://www.onedoor.com/

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Tom Erskine:

I’m Tom Erskine, CEO of One Door, and we work in the retail industry, obviously. Today we see in retail some significant challenges around trying to solve for the in-store customer experience. And retailers face challenges such as every store is a snowflake, every store is different. Store labor is, as we know, at a premium, and obviously the supply chain issues that the industry’s experienced in the last three to six months have made it more clear that those challenges are probably maybe a little bit permanent. And all those things conspire to make delivering great in-store experiences really challenging for the retail vertical today.

At One Door, our vision is to create the industry’s first real platform for delivering a great physical, in-store experience. There are a ton of challenges around that today in the industry. There really isn’t today a single platform for that. And so lots of merchandising solutions, lots of task management solutions retailers use to piece it together. But ultimately, what differentiates us is we provide retailers with an end-to-end platform for defining and delivering a great in-store experience so they can plan the in-store experience, their associates can execute it using a mobile device, and then, importantly and increasingly, they get amazing data that they can use to analyze the in-store experience and really understand how their customers experience their stores.

So at one door we work with some of the world’s largest retailers, including for example, the largest grocery retailer in Australia, Consumer Electronics here in the United States, wireless companies here in the United States. We focus on helping large retailers solve sort of big, large area problems and focused on delivering great outcomes from a business perspective for them. What retailers generally experience with one door is first of all, when customers find what they want in a store, sales rise. And so our customers tend to experience nice pickups and lift in sales. Store efficiency. So store associates that get guided mobile instructions as opposed to paper planograms, get their work done in far less time. And so we save a lot of money on in-store labor. And then also, and importantly, they can move at the speed of their customers, and retailers can become far more agile and try new things and experiment with new formats and do things that previously they just weren’t able to do.