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NRF 2022 Solution Spotlight: Softtek

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Softtek. Softtek helps Global 2000 organizations build their digital capabilities constantly and seamlessly, from ideation and development to execution and evolution.

Its entrepreneurial drive spans 20+ countries and more than 15,000 talented professionals.

To learn more about Softtek, visit: https://www.softtek.com/

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Fulvio Manente:
My name is Fulvio Manente. I’m the VP responsible for retail solutions at Softtek. Our retailers are struggling with logistic right now, and we do have a solution that comes in hand for that. Our solution tracks the end to end, the whole chain, so from when you have the order to the point that it’s delivered to your customer. So no more blind forecasts, no more lies to your customer. Just make it real, just make it real time, and we can track and provide visibility to your customers through all of our platform.

Miguel Saldivar:
My name is Miguel Saldivar, it’s a pleasure to be here with you. I have 30 years working for Softtek. I think that the retail industry at this moment is struggling with the supply chain. We provide a solution for them, a platform. That’s all. Where is the order, no? The warehouse and the shipping and, well, this is what we do for them. I think that when you talk about relationship with the customer, I think that we provide a superior experience. If you need help with something, will be our pleasure. You can reach us at softtek.com.