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NRF 2022 Solution Spotlight: STRATACACHE

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on STRATACACHE. STRATACACHE is accelerating the shift of digital retail transformation by having a full scope of technology under one roof.

STRATACACHE’s retail solutions create an in-store evolution, fitting into a companies existing ecosystem and by connecting different technologies to truly drive a frictionless store visit.

To learn more about STRATACACHE, visit: https://www.stratacache.com/

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Chris Riegel

So in the last 12 months, retailers, I think around the globe, are facing two big challenges. One is labor. The second is all the supply chain disruptions. Both are having a big net impact on profitability as labor costs are going up, as labor is less and less available globally, and as supply chain shortages are both driving commodity prices to change at a moment’s notice, and then problems with availability. Nobody wants to see bare shelves. That’s driving a lot of retail innovation into the retail floor to allow those retailers to remain competitive.

With the STRATACACHE visual display family, what we’re doing in many retailers around the globe is helping to put visual display systems into retail environments to show, whether that be product for a guided sell, hey, I need to choose between type of wine A, B and C. There may not be retail associates there to be able to assist, but I can go through a self-guided self-selection process with a touch screen, determine what product is right for me, how much I want to spend, what event am I planning for? And using a digital tablet, a digital kiosk, and ultimately a remote support person, that could be that digital concierge or digital sommelier, to help me remotely to be able to staff that with technology and make that an easier experience. Secondarily, any point that I can automate a sale. A customer being able to pick up a product from a shelf, self-scan it, check out, and make sure that that’s as easy as possible for the consumer.

The trend we see in retail is just optimization. How does that store become as efficient as possible to be able to compete with online, and Amazon specifically? Customers still, in many cases, love to come to that retail store for the experience, but how do I make that experience as quick, as frictionless as possible, to keep that consumer happy in their selection?