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Revolutionizing Retail with AI: Exclusive Interview with Pauline Monin

Discover the power of AI in retail with our exclusive interview featuring Pauline Monin, Director of Product Marketing at VusionGroup. In this insightful session, Pauline introduces Captana, a cutting-edge computer vision AI solution designed to monitor and report stock levels directly from the store shelves.

Alongside Captana, she discusses Memory, a retail intelligence platform that processes the data captured to identify trends and operational enhancements.

Together, these tools not only identify out-of-stock items but also suggest optimal substitutions and improvements, directly impacting revenue and customer satisfaction. This interview is a must-watch for retailers looking to leverage AI to streamline operations and enhance the shopping experience.

Dive into the full conversation to learn how VusionGroup is shaping the future of retail. Watch now to transform your retail strategy with AI-driven insights!

To learn more on how your business can benefit from digitalization solutions, visit Vusion.