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Shoptalk U.S. Solution Spotlight: Adlucent

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Adlucent, the performance marketing agency that proves outperformance has no limit. Powered by the purpose-built platform, Deep Search™, Adlucent unifies the best of human and machine for a scientific approach to marketing.

To learn more about Adlucent, visit: http://www.adlucent.com

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Ryan Gibson:
Adlucent is a performance marketing agency that likes to prove that outperformance has no limit. So that means that we’re helping clients, anything with performance marketing. Think about shopping, search, all the way up the funnel, social, display, programmatic, being able to help them find the right consumers at the right point in their journey and improve their results from their performance media as fast as…

As we think about 2022 and some of the changes we’re seeing in digital, there’s a lot of platform changes from an automation perspective, so helping advertisers to find the right consumers across search, social, Facebook, Google, Instagram. A lot of what we are doing is looking to see how we can better integrate customer values or retailers. As you think about it, not every customer that comes to your site and spends $100 has the same value. And so how do we think about integrating the customer lifetime value into those programs, so that we can better identify the right consumers long-term for each one of our clients? We’ve developed and released Adlucent Index, which allows us to integrate those values back into the platforms to better help advertisers find the right customers.

As the pandemic has changed consumer behavior, we’re working to make sure that as consumers are looking for products, services online, that we’re helping to connect them with our clients and make sure that we’re measuring all the different values and conversion points that might be happening. We work with a lot of enterprise retailers who are not only selling online, but might also have brick and mortar stores. They might also have a service component. And so we’re making sure that we’re including all of those values back into the digital advertising spend and really using a scientific approach to valuing those touch points throughout the funnel.