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Shoptalk U.S. Solution Spotlight: Luxer One

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Luxer One. With over 14 years in the locker business, Luxer One has managed millions of package deliveries across industries. The companies mission? To relentlessly improve how the world receives goods.

To learn more about Luxer, visit: http://www.luxerone.com

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Nick Sanderson:

Nick Sanderson. I’m the general manager of new ventures at Luxer One. We’re based in Sacramento, California. So we’re a smart locker company. We build hardware and software technology to serve parcels, packages, retail goods, all through the use of these lockers. Some of the challenges we’ve been hearing about when we’re reaching out to customers is number one, labor, right? It’s a very big problem within brick and mortar retail. Also, the experience to have an omnichannel fluid experience from the moment you shop online, to the moment you walk to a store and pick up your item, is sometimes fragmented and not connected in the best way possible.

And another challenge we’re hearing is from a store to a home, there’s a million different things that you can do to solve your problem on direct delivery, and a lot of these major retailers are trying to keep up with the behemoth, which is Amazon, and other ones like Walmart, that are doing really over-the-top experiential programs, where they’re delivering inside your home or inside your refrigerator, even. So we’re trying to find the right way that we can position lockers to help then meet both the last mile delivery, as well as the first mile delivery when it comes to returns. And then, of course, the buy online and pickup in store experience.

I think one of the unique things about us is first and foremost, we’re a solution provider. There’s a lot of locker companies out there that manufacture metal, and push metal out to solve a problem. We start with the software solution first. So we’re the only team that builds on iOS. Our whole program’s ran through iPad. That’s what powers the system behind me. And we manufacture everything from start to finish in house. So we’re working directly with engineering team to specify a locker based upon the size of compartments that are needed, to actually match what retail goods will come through it, and then how many of those lockers need to be deployed? We’re building that solution out.

And then the integration piece, so that customers have a fluid experience from the moment they interact with Best Buy online and say, I want to buy a laptop, and then all the way through to picking up that laptop out of the locker. We want to make sure that that’s Best Buy’s experience, for example, the whole way through, and Luxer One is kind of in between, in the background, making sure that we’re powering it, keeping it live and ready. Another thing that we like to say is different is we’re manufacturing everything in the U.S. So supply chain challenges to getting steel to manufacture lockers, the electronic components, putting them on a boat, shipping them from China, today, is really problematic, right? We see a lot of our customers are waiting on lockers from other companies, and they don’t have any determination on when they will arrive. So we’re able to combat that by U.S. manufacturing, U.S. steel, U.S. assembly, powder coating, everything happens in the country, and we’re really proud of be able to do that.