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Shoptalk U.S. Solution Spotlight: Marketplacer

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Marketplacer. Marketplacer is a world-leading technology Software as a Service (SaaS) company equipped with all the tools and functionality to supercharge commerce, building successful and scalable online marketplaces, at speed.

Whether you’re a retailer, brand, distributor, franchise or a community, Marketplacer makes growth simple. 

To learn more about Marketplacer, visit: http://www.marketplacer.com

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Jim Stirewalt:
Hi, I’m Jim Stirewalt. I’m President of Marketplacer, US. Marketplacer is a global technology company that serves customers in the retail and their brands that are looking to extend what they can bring to market. Third party products alongside of their inventory. The reason that’s so powerful is it allows these companies to scale without having to have the burden of managing the inventory, the finances behind it. It really gives companies the ability to experiment into new categories and new ranges with very little risk. A lot of times people will hear marketplace and they think of Amazon or eBay or even Target as a marketplace. What we’re talking about is the ability for retailers and brands to be able to offer third party products seamlessly alongside of their products. It’s important to know that their customer, these are products that are of interest to them.

So it’s really extending the range of what you’re offering to your built in community. Because we’re coming out of the pandemic, companies have had to make some major adjustments. Just this year alone in 2022, we’re going to see a doubling of revenue generated through offering third party products through Marketplacer. It’s really a profound shift that we’re seeing, and I suggest that it really is a pretty significant or major economic shift from an eCommerce perspective. But where Marketplacer, I believe, really excels is in its ability to understand our customers and to work with them on strategy. It’s one thing to set up the technology, it’s the other to get the technology correct when you’re starting. Each strategy for every company is going to be different, and so we really take the time to understand, to learn our customers. What’s their vision, and then how do you make the technology work for you?