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Shoptalk U.S. Solution Spotlight: Quantum Metric

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Quantum Metric a platform for Continuous Product Design, which is a fundamentally new approach that helps organizations deliver digital products that have greater impact, with speed and confidence.

To learn more about Quantum Metric, visit: https://www.quantummetric.com

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Efrat Ravid:
My name is Efrat Ravid. I’m the CMO of Quantum Metric. Our mission in Quantum Metric is helping companies Maniacally focus to winning the heart of their customers. We help customers and especially retailers to win the challenges of 2022, by surfacing all the challenges that the customer are facing in a very easy way. But not only surfacing to the analytics team or to the technical team, because how much do you want to wait for anyone to give you the answer of where my customers are struggling? We help every person in the digital organization to get the empathy to the customer, to really see where they struggle, where their opportunity is, and then to do the most important thing, get the insight and make the right decision of what to do next.

Efrat Ravid:
We all have too much to do. Even if you are the biggest retailer in the world, you don’t have enough resources to fix everything, to do everything, to do all the innovation you want. So, the most important thing for managers is prioritize and prioritization. We help them to prioritize what will be the biggest impact on their customers and on their business on a regular basis.