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Solution Spotlight: Coveo

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Coveo, a market-leading AI-powered relevance platform that combines unified search, analytics and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction with customers, partners, dealers and employees.

Coveo partners with the world’s largest enterprise technology players and has more than 1,500 activations in mid-to-large sized global organizations across multiple industries.

To learn more about Coveo, visit: www.coveo.com

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Louis Tetu:
Coveo is a global leader in applied AI, also called off-the-shelf AI. We’ve created a platform that takes in 360 degrees of data and signals from all forms of digital interactions, finds insights using AI, and then injects 360 degrees of relevance into search results, recommendations and personalization for any digital experience. We call our platform the Coveo Relevance Cloud. You already run many platforms that deliver your digital experiences. The Coveo Relevance Cloud becomes that unified intelligence behind the scenes, making every experience that you deliver relevant.

So how does it work? First, the platform retrieves content from all your content sources and formats: articles, product catalogs, PDFs, videos, and then unifies it in a single index to reduce content silos. Next, Coveo’s AI analyzes your users’ clickstream data and also their behavior patterns. It builds an understanding of what users are looking for. And the AI finds context and meaning in your content, and learns which content delivers the best outcomes based on a deep understanding of what has worked best for others.

Our platform uses all this intelligence to bring relevance to your search results, but also to inject recommendations and personalization into the experiences that your systems deliver. That means personalized content, customized interfaces, and unique journeys for each and every user. Our AI continuously collects signals and learns from every interaction, millions of micro moments, to serve relevance within the next interaction.

Coveo seamlessly layers into your existing tech stack. There is no need to replace your systems, no need to re-architect your data or retrain your teams. Coveo’s AI is finely tuned for core business needs, and available as packaged solutions for E-commerce, websites, customer service, and workplace applications, making it easier to see results and prove ROI very quickly. And in every implementation, Coveo delivers enterprise-grade security and privacy, meeting stringent protocols like SOC Type 2, HIPAA or GDPR, as well as our customers’ data residency needs. With Coveo, you can give customers and employees what they actually want and prescribe what they really need.