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Talking Tech: Insights from ShopTalk 2024

Shoptalk 2024 has once again proven to be the epicenter of retail innovation, bringing together visionaries and leaders from across the globe. Our latest “Talking Tech” series features a special segment with Brendan Feeney, Sr. Director of Mid Market & SMB Sales, North America at Linnworks, along with insights from other prominent figures in the retail technology landscape.

Brendan Feeney, Sr. Director of Sales, North America at Linnworks, shared his excitement with RETHINK Retail’s Director of Media and Host, April Waits, about revolutionizing the retail operations stack.

With a focus on overcoming the challenges of expanding into new marketplaces, Linnworks‘ latest report unveils critical insights into the direct-to-consumer (DTC) landscape, highlighting the hurdles brands face and the solutions at their disposal. Brendan emphasizes the importance of a robust tech stack that supports seamless integration into new sales channels, particularly spotlighting the emerging significance of social commerce platforms like TikTok Shop.

Featured Insights from Other Leaders:

  • Adam Freehafer, Enterprise Account Executive at Simon Data, discusses the pivotal role of AI and data optimization in today’s retail environment.
  • Benjamin Hilleli, Account Executive at SurveyMonkey, highlights the crucial understanding of the customer’s journey post-purchase.
  • Michael Ahearn, VP Customer Development & Strategy at Sinch Engage, explores the transformative impact of RCS messaging and the future of customer communication.

Shoptalk 2024 has laid the foundation for the future of retail, presenting a clear vision where technology and customer experience converge.

Dive deeper into our exclusive interviews to uncover how these insights can redefine your retail strategy.