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The 5G Era of Retail: Improved Shopping Experiences Fueled by Smart Store Capabilities

Despite the hype around AI and new innovative retail solutions being deployed constantly, many retailers are finding it difficult to even implement and leverage these technologies for personalized customer experiences and operational efficiency due to the lack of robust connectivity.

“A lot of things that retailers want to do today, they sometimes can’t do because they don’t have the reliable connectivity of the infrastructure in place” – Roopi Crowley, Managing Director, Strategic Accounts of Retail at T-Mobile for Business.

Witness a dynamic conversation among industry leaders T-Mobile for Business,Tractor Supply Company, Global 345, and Ron Thurston, Top Retail Expert and Co-Founder of OSSY, where they came together to discuss the pivotal role of T-Mobile for Business 5G Network in allowing retailers to enhance their customer journey through powerful solutions that can only be deployed through robust, stable connectivity.

“When Al and I started to work together, at Tractor Supply Company they looked at their infrastructure and they have now helped their team members to give them the best experience that led to better customer experience.”, mentions Roopi.

Watch the full video to discover how T-Mobile for Business 5G Network and their partner solutions are setting the stage for a more connected retail environment and how this can transform your business.

A big thank you to the Big Ideas Session participants for this enlightening conversation:

  • Roopi Crowley, Managing Director of Retail and Hospitality Solutions at T-Mobile for Business
  • Al Lettera, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Tractor Supply Company
  • Mark Edwards, CEO and Founder of 345 Global 
  • Ron Thurston, Top Retail Expert | Co-Founder of OSSY | Author of RETAIL PRIDE

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