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Top Retail Industry Leaders Share Big Predictions for 2023

Curious to know what’s in store for retail in 2023? Although we may not have a crystal ball on hand, this year’s roster of retail industry leaders have the experience and foresight fit to forecast the trends that will define 2023.

Hear from:
– Rick Castello , Head of Sales, Digital Commerce at Trustly
– Tim Dardis, VP of Business Development & Strategy at Alviere
– Dan Goldman, Head of Strategy at Gap Inc.
– David J. Katz, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Randa Accessories
– Michael LeBlanc, Founder & President at M.E. LeBlanc & Company Inc.; 
– Phillip Raub, CEO at Model No. Furniture
– Ryan Taylor, Head Of Retail Product Marketing at T-Mobile For Business
– Ron Thurston, Show Host of the RETAIL IN AMERICA Podcast
– Michael Zakkour, Founder of 5 New Digital