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TruRating’s Kelsey Erickson on Understanding Your Customer

While attending the Retail Technology Show 2022, RETHINK Retail met with Kelsey Erickson, Head of Global Sales at TruRating to explore one of the biggest challenges retailers face: understanding your customer.

TruRating makes it easy for retailers to capture insights into customer experiences with a simple survey at checkout.

To learn more about TruRating, visit https://trurating.com


Kelsey Erickson:

My name’s Kelsey Erickson. I’m our global head of sales at TruRating.

The big challenge that retailers are facing right now is they don’t have a good way to capture feedback from their customers. They’re pretty reliant on receipt based surveys or email surveys, which really only represent the voice of one, maybe 3% of their customer base. TruRating helps retailers capture feedback from their customers by integrating the feedback process right into the purchase experience. So, what we do is we have a patented integration with the payment software that will show one question right on the payment terminal. So it’s really easy for a consumer to go in and just click one flip of a button, answer just one question and they go ahead and finish their checkout experience. So with this, we’re able to capture 80% response rates, as opposed to that industry average of 1 to 3%.

TruRating’s actually the only company in the world that has this patented technology to ask the question right on the payment terminal. So we capture this feedback right when the person is paying in store. And the beauty too is we’re not just getting the customer feedback, but we actually integrate that with all of the details around the transaction. So we know the products they’re buying, we know how much they spend, we actually hash their card and we can track them over time. So we know whether or not they’re repeat visits. So this helps retailers understand the ROI behind customer feedback.